Youth Ministries

The goal of our youth ministry is to train our students to become followers of Christ not just as boys and girls, but as men and women who will carry the torch of Christ into the future. Fellowship meetings, activities, and Christian education classes, as well as a committed staff of youth leaders and parents, are the means we use to train up our youth.

W.A.S.A.B.I. – Middle School (We.are.serving.and.believing.individuals)

The middle school ministry is focused on creating a warm and inviting space for students to build long lasting friendships, grow in their knowledge of the Bible, and foster a meaningful relationship with the Lord. The group meets a couple times a month to eat, have fun, and share with and support one another through Scripture and prayer. Our hope is that as the group continues to meet, the relationships between the students will grow outside of these gatherings. Additionally, as friendships grow, we hope their relationship with the Lord flourishes into something they can share with each other. For more information, please contact Pastor Mike.

R.O.C.K. – High School

The High School group (they never did come up with a meaning for R.O.C.K.!), seeks to accomplish two main discipleship goals: 1) train our students in the Scriptures with an emphasis on relevance; and 2) develop a community of students that loves the Lord and loves one another. To that end, students meet weekly on Sunday mornings for Sunday School and twice monthly for fellowship gatherings and service projects. This effort is bolstered by an annual winter retreat as well as a youth camp at the church’s annual Fall Conference.

High School is an important age with many students making some very life-changing decisions during these years. Our greatest hope is that our students will make the wise choice of following hard after Christ. In this, there is no greater adventure and no greater thrill. For more information on this vital ministry, contact Kenji Kumai.